A wide variety of materials matching with real texture to greatly expand design potential. Design management by Daiasama Golf Club renovations / Design supervision by Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. first-class architect office / Construction by Mitsui Designtec Co. / Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., LTd.

    Construction with other materials which match patterns is possible

    Highly-flexible and curved construction is possible

    A premium design decorate film made by photogravure printed resin film with adhesive coating on the backside. It’s high flexibility allowed to apply on curvature constructions where traditional panel cannot fit.

  • Design Cost
    Altyno Film
    (decorative adhesive film)
    Item Code Size JPY/㎡
    Width Roll Thickness
    (wood grain)
    VW 1,220m 50cm App.0.2mm
    (peel paper excluded)
    5,900 (excluding tax)
    Altyno VG 7,000(excluding tax)
    Altyno (grace wood) VK 4,100(excluding tax)
    Altyno (plain color) VKK 4,100(excluding tax)
  • AICA “Total Coordination”

    We assembled varying functional materials under unified pattern schemes in order to create a totally and consistently coordinated premium quality space with all furniture, fixtures, walls and peripheral components.

    CIAL Tsurumi Design Office: JR East Design Corporation
    • Example of AICA decorative materials
    • Example of Shared Pattern Number

      Same design and color items have common pattern numbers.
      With AICA, you can easily select same patterns by number.

      *Pattern numbers are the item number’s numerical portions. Alphabetical manufacture codes and sub numbers differ by material.

    For new construction, wall renovations,
    furnishings and curved faces


    For furniture and booths demanding high durability


    For vertical furniture, doors and partitions


    For walls requiring high non-combustible performance and durability

    FTN 426ZD

    For wood face furniture, doors and partitions

    JWS 426W

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(available only in Japanese)